The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of John and Patience Bobbitt was:

Rachel Edgerton Bobbitt     born 1789

Ann Frances Bobbitt        born 1790

John Bobbitt Junior         born 1792

Charles Harris Bobbitt    born 1797 

Winifred Bobbitt             born 1800


All the children married except, John Bobbitt Junior. He lived in Warren County and apparently had little to do with any of his family or his relatives.

Rachel E. Bobbitt       married Robert A. Myrick 1822

Ann Frances Bobbitt     married Hardy Myrick 1818

John Bobbitt Junior     single never married

Charles H. Bobbitt      married Mary Ann Alston 1821

Winifred Bobbitt         married William Browning 1827


Charles Harris, father of Patience (Harris) Bobbitt, died on December 4, 1790. His estate was not settled until May 1807. The record is in Warren County, Book 14, page 32.

"Account in the estate of Charles Harris, deceased, by Rachel Harris, administrix. Valuation and division of negroes among, James Mealor for his wife Sally, Frederick Harris, Simon Harris, Bedford Harris, Elizabeth and Randolph Bobbitt, Priscilla and Lenn Kimbell, Patience and John Bobbitt, Nancy Harris, Cherry and Wm. Colclough, William E. Harris and "my own legacy".

Rachel Harris died in 1817 and John Bobbitt was the executor of her estate. The record is in Warren County Book 27, page 330. It may seem strange, but by the time Rachel Harris died, many of her sons and sons-in-law were deceased. She showed her esteem for John Bobbitt by selecting him as the executor of her estate.

From the will of John Richard Bobbitt we know that Joshua Bobbitt was not a son of his family,. We know that Joshua was a son of Miles Bobbitt. An interesting deed recorded in Warren County in Will Book 40, page 179, on May 11, 1849, definitely places John Bobbitt in the Miles Bobbitt branch of the family.

"August Court, 1849. Twenty dollars as a refunding bond from Winifred Bobbitt, surety: miles Bobbitt. Winifred has received ten dollars from P. D. Powell, as her share of the land from the estate of John Bobbitt, deceased, brother of the said Joshua Bobbitt, deceased. This bond is in case there is any claim from either of her brothers (John or Charles) or any of her sisters. Witnesses: John D. Newell, Myrick W. Duke."

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