The Bobbitt Book In America

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Warren County, 1820 Census:

John Bobbitt: 

2 males under 10 (1810-1820)              2 females 10 - 16 (1804-1810) 

1 male 16 - 26   (1794-1804)                2 females 16 - 26 (1794-1804)

2 males   45 & over (....-1775)              1 female 26 - 45   (1775-1794) 

                                                             1 female 45 & over (......-1775)


Only one son is missing from this record, and that is Lewis Bobbitt, born in 1800, who by 1820 would be 20, married, and with his own family. The female listed here as over 45 is Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt, widow of Randolph Bobbitt. Randolph Bobbitt died in 1804. The female 26 to 45 is Elizabeth Darden Bobbitt born in 1780. The male 16 to 26 is Alfred Bobbitt a twin to Margaret Bobbitt, both born in 1803. One of the males under 10 is Anthony Bobbitt and one is Richard J. Bobbitt.

The Bobbitt families of Warren County North Carolina had close relationship with the Dowtain and Darden families. Temperance Bobbitt a sister of John Bobbitt married Anthony Dowtain Sr. John and Elizabeth apparently named one of their sons after Anthony Dowtain.

The family has been difficult to reconstruct. We know that there were four sons and four daughters all born between 1796 and 1816.

We believe that the records show the following children for John R. and Elizabeth (Darden) Bobbitt.

Polly Bobbitt      born 1796

Amy Bobbitt        born 1797

Lewis Bobbitt      born 1800

Frederick Bobbitt  born 1803

Margaret Bobbitt   born 1804

Richard J. Bobbitt born 1805

Elizabeth Bobbitt  born 1808

Anthony Bobbitt    born 1813


We know very little about the children. The daughters seem to have married in Warren and Franklin counties. Lewis Bobbitt migrated to Cherokee County, Texas. Anthony migrated to Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. We do not know what happened to Richard J. Bobbitt. Frederick Bobbitt lived his life out in Franklin County, North Carolina.

After the death of John R. Bobbitt there seems to have been much contention between the children, and between the family of Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt, widow of Randolph Bobbitt.

There are some records that give an insight into the family and some of their problems. These records are abridged here for the purposes of our family history.

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