The Bobbitt Family In America

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STEPHEN BOBBITT      1779 - 1856     Son of Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt


Stephen Bobbitt was born on November 21, 1779 in what is today Warren County, North Carolina. He was a son of Isham and Elizabeth (James) Bobbitt. He was a grandson of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt. Isham Bobbitt, father of Stephen Bobbitt was a soldier of the 1776 Revolutionary War. At one time Isham served under a Captain Christman in a march to Halifax County, North Carolina'. The Christ- man family is a large family in North Carolina. Like many of the early names it is spelled in several different ways. Today the family that remained in North Carolina spell the name Christman and the families that migrated west spell the name as Chrisman. After the revolutionary war, Isham Bobbitt and his family moved to Spartanburg County, South Carolina. The Chrisman family also moved to South Carolina and both families lived there from 1789 X to 1803. In 1803 The Chrismans and the Bobbitts along with others moved from South Carolina to Christian County Kentucky.

On June 29, 1814, Stephen Bobbitt married Barbara Chrisman in Trigg County Kentucky. Barbara Maria Chrisman was born on April 3, 1797 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Her brother, Michael Chrisman was bondsman for the marriage.

Stephen Bobbitt served in the War of 1812. he enlisted in Logan County, Kentucky on April 28, 1813 for a period of twelve months. After his service he was honorably discharged in Detroit in the territory of Michigan, on April 27, 1814. He lost little time in returning to Christian County, Kentucky where he married Barbara Chrisman on June 29, 1814. Stephen served in Captain Butler's Company of the 28th Regiment.

On August 9, 1819, Stephen and Barbara Bobbitt sold a tract of land on "Trade Water", in Christian County, Kentucky. The land joined the property of Allen Bobbitt, brother of Stephen. The land was sold to Daniel Fuller and was recorded in Book "K", page 316 of the county records. Soon after this land transaction and early in the spring of 1820, Stephen and his family moved from Christian County to Morgan County, Illinois. This move was the beginning of several Bobbitt families moving into the various counties of Illinois. John Wesley Bobbitt remained in Kentucky, and William James Bobbitt moved to Missouri Territory, both were brothers of Stephen Bobbitt. In 1827 Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt, father and mother of Stephen Bobbitt, joined the family of their son in Morgan County, Illinois.

Stephen who was born in North Carolina, lived for five years in South Carolina, lived sixteen years in Kentucky and then lived

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