The Bobbitt Family In America

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STEPHEN BOBBITT JUNIOR       1785 - 1831      Son of Stephen and Celah Bobbitt


Stephen Bobbitt Junior was born in Warren County, North Carolina in 1785. He was the third son and fourth child of Stephen and Celah Elizabeth (Harris) Bobbitt. He was a grandson of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt.

Stephen served as a soldier in the First Regiment of McDonald's North Carolina Militia in the war of 1812. For this service he was ,granted a land grant in the state of Tennessee.

Stephen and his brother Drury Bobbitt were close friends. They both served in the war of 1812, they both received land grants in Tennessee. They both dated and married women from the same family. Stephen Bobbitt married Elizabeth Bradley on September 22, 1814. Drury Bobbitt married Sarah Bradley on August 4, 1818.

Soon after Drury Bobbitt married he went to Williamson County, Tennessee to claim his land grant. He and his family were counted in the 1820 census of Tennessee. Stephen Bobbitt ' did not move to Tennessee until 1825 or after the death of his father in 1824. He moved to Williamson County and joined the family of his brother. According to the history of Williamson County, many of the families who lived in Williamson County came in wagon trains in groups and many or most of the families were from North Carolina. The records of many families such as Elliott, Glenn, Winsett, Rainey, and Rowlett are the same families that are found in the early records of North Carolina.

The first child of Stephen and Elizabeth Bobbitt was a daughter born on November 14, 1815 in Warren County, North Carolina. She was named Mary Ann L. Bobbitt and later married James Elliott a close friend of the family.

Stephen Bobbitt and his family were first counted in the 1820 census of Warren County, North Carolina.

Stephen Bobbitt: 

3 males under 10 (1810-1820)       1 female under 10 (1810-1820) 

1 male 26 - 45 (1775-1794)         1 female 16 - 26 (1794-1804)


By 1820 three sons and one daughter made the family of Stephen and Elizabeth Bobbitt. The children were Mary Ann (1815) John (1816) Elizabeth (1817) and we think Drury (1818). Drury did not live to maturity. Stephen was born in 1785 and Elizabeth was born in 1796.

Not long after Stephen and Elizabeth Bobbitt moved their family to Williamson County, Tennessee, Drury and Sarah Bobbitt moved to Robertson County. Drury and his family were counted in the 1830 census in Robertson County and Stephen and his family in Williamson.

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