The Bobbitt Family In America

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SHEERWOOD HAYWOOD BOBBITT, JR.       1806 - 1877      Son of Sheerwood and Sarah Bobbitt

Sheerwood Haywood Bobbitt Junior was the last child of Sheerwood Haywood and Sarah (Burrows) Bobbitt. He was born in Halifax County on August 2, 1806. His father was a soldier in the war of the American Revolution. Only two of his brothers lived to maturity. William Bobbitt of Halifax County who married Sally Allen, and Thomas Bobbitt of Chatham County who married Lucy Moss, were the two older brothers who married and reared families of their own.

Sheerwood Bobbitt Junior married Ann Eliza Pearce in Halifax County, on January 12, 1825. They had ten children, all of whom lived to maturity.

William Hillard Bobbitt         born Mar. 11, 1826

Thomas Jackson Bobbitt          born Sep. 27, 1827

Edward Fletcher Bobbitt         born Jan. 11, 1829

Sarah Angellica Frances Bobbitt  born Nov. 4, 1830

Martha Rebecca Jane Bobbitt      born Oct. 11, 1832

James Burrows Bobbitt           born Apr. 23, 1835

Sheerwood Henry Bobbitt         born May. 15, 1841 

Mary Eliza Christian Bobbitt     born Mar. 30, 1843 

Margaret Eliza Bobbitt          born Nov. 4, 1846 

Doctor Walter Bobbitt           born Dec. 8, 1848

The children were reared by a strict Christian discipline. Several of the children became ministers and leaders in the Methodist Church of North Carolina. All the children, except Margaret Eliza, married and reared large families of their own.

William H. Bobbitt        m. Harriet L. Kelley Dec. 16, 1852

Thomas J. Bobbitt         m. Martha A. Nevill Dec. 16, 1845

Edward F. Bobbitt         m. Indianna F. Brame Nov. 23, 1853 

Sarah A. Bobbitt          m. Rev. A. Weaver Mar. 16, 1854 

Martha R. Bobbitt         m. Robert H. Arrington Aug. 15, 1855

James B. Bobbitt          m. Mary A. Miller Nov. 17, 1858

Sheerwood H. Bobbitt      m. Elizabeth T. Howell Sep. 1, 1862 

Mary Eliza Bobbitt        m. 0. 0. Edison Nov. 13, 1867 

Margaret Eliza Bobbitt    s. never married 

Doctor Walter Bobbitt     m. Mary A. P. Combs Aug. 31, 1870

Sheerwood Bobbitt Senior died in 1827. After his death, Sarah (Burrows) Bobbitt made her home with Sheerwood Bobbitt Jr. There are numerous connections between the Bobbitt families of North Carolina and the Burrows families. Drury Bobbitt Junior a brother of Sheerwood Bobbitt Senior, had several children who married into the Burrows family. Sarah (Burrows) Bobbitt made her home with her youngest son's family, helping in the household,

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