The Bobbitt Family In America

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From various records we have calculated the family of Stephen and Elizabeth (Mays) Bobbitt to be as follows:

Nancy Bobbitt            born 1829 Kentucky

Elzorah Bobbitt          born 1830 Kentucky 

Hardy G. Bobbitt        born 1833 Kentucky

John Wesley Bobbitt    born 1835 Kentucky

R. William Bobbitt      born 1838 Kentucky

James W. S. Bobbitt    born 1840 Illinois

Dudley Bobbitt           born 1842 Illinois 

Emsley D. Bobbitt       born 1843 Illinois

Andrew Bobbitt (Stephen) born 1844 Illinois

George W. S. Bobbitt        born 1845 Illinois

All the children married and reared families of their own. Most of the marriages were in Mason County, but also in other counties of Illinois, Indiana, and Nebraska.

Nancy Bobbitt              m. Charles Mays .... ... 1847

Elzorah Bobbitt            m. Elizabeth Ann Cashe Jun. 23, 1858

Hardy G. Bobbitt         m. Emily Jane Giddings Feb. 22, 1858

John Wesley Bobbitt    m. Susanna M. Owengs Dec. 4, 1862 

R. William Bobbitt      m. Susan Davis .... . .. 1862 

James W. S. Bobbitt    m. Killed in Civil War Sep. 17, 1861

Dudley Bobbitt           m. Susan H. Straton Dec. 14, 1867 

Emsley D. Bobbitt      m. Isadore Bagshaw Sep. 12, 1871

Andrew Bobbitt          m. Elizabeth White Jan. 14, 1863

George W. S. Bobbitt  m. Phebe E. Cline Jul 4, 1869 

                                 m. Hannah A. Cole Sep. 27, 1885

Seven of the nine sons served in the Union army during the war between the states. Hardy, John, William, James, Emsley, Andrew and George all served with various regiments of Illinois. Stephen Andrew Bobbitt and James W. S. Bobbitt were both killed in service during the war. Emsley D. Bobbitt lost his left leg during the battle of Missionary Ridge.

It was one of the usual traps of the civil war that these men of southern origin would be caught so soon in a battle that was against their relatives in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

We do not know when Elizabeth Bobbitt died. She was living near Bloomington, Illinois in 1859 with two of her sons living near by. John W. Bobbitt and R. William Bobbitt were both working in McLean County at the time. John Bobbitt later returned to Scott County Illinois and we think it likely that Elizabeth went with him. She probably died in Scott county and is buried with other members of the Bobbitt family near Jacksonville.

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