The Bobbitt Family In America

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This deed and the will of Elizabeth Bobbitt completely name all the children and who the daughters married, with the exception of Cynthia.

The children of Turner and Elizabeth Bobbitt were:

Polly Bobbitt         born 1784

Patsy Bobbitt        born 1785

Sally Bobbitt        born 1786

John B. Bobbitt    born 1787

Eliza Bobbitt       born 1789

William T. Bobbitt     born 1790

Cynthia Bobbitt         born 1792

The children all married and mostly in Franklin County. Some of the marriages were recorded in Granville County.

Polly Bobbitt         married William Grissom

Patsy Bobbitt        married Thomas Henry Stigal

Sally Bobbitt        married Imrod Ragsdale  

John B. Bobbitt   married Harriet B. Balridge 

Eliza Bobbitt       married Isiah Hight

William T. Bobbitt    married

Cynthia Bobbitt        married Isiah S. Hight (1837)


The Bobbitt lineage of Turner Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales 1645 - 1703

William Bobbitt Junior       1675 - 1738

Lewis Bobbitt Senior         1704 - 1769

William Bobbitt                1738 - 1825

Turner Bobbitt                 1764 - 1821

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