The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family was counted on September 10, 1850 in the Northern District of Pittsylvania County.

Thomas Bobbitt      67 1783 Virginia 

Mildred Bobbitt     50 1800 Virginia 

Charles Bobbitt     22 1828 Virginia 

Anna Babbitt        21 1829 Virginia Twin 

William Bobbitt     21 1829 Virginia Twin 

Mildred Bobbitt     16 1834 Virginia Twin 

Lucy Bobbitt        16 1834 Virginia Twin

Thomas Bobbitt was awarded eighty acres of land in Ohio for his service in the War of 1812. In 1855 he claimed this award and left Pittsylvania County at the age of 62 to join his sons in Clinton County, Ohio. He secured his eighty acres of land and sent his son James W. Bobbitt to bring his wife and other members of the family to Ohio. Mildred Bobbitt who was about 65 years of age at the time rode horse back from Pittsylvania County to Snow Hill, Ohio. The family was together for a short time. On April 18, 1859, Thomas Bobbitt died and was buried in Antioch, Ohio. The family was counted in the 1860 census on June 9, 1860, Snow Hill Township, Clinton County.

Mildred (Dalton) Bobbitt   70 1800 Virginia 

William Bobbitt           31 1829 Virginia 

Lucy Bobbitt              26 1834 Virginia

Living near to Mildred Bobbitt was her son Thomas and his family. Family # 343, Counted June 9, 1860.

Thomas Bobbitt             36 1824 Virginia 

Malinda (Lieurance) Bobbitt 28 1832 Ohio

Sarah Bobbitt              12 1848 Ohio 

William Bobbitt            10 1850 Ohio 

Ann Bobbitt                 3 1857 Ohio Twin 

Fanny Bobbitt               3 1857 Ohio Twin 

Henry Bobbitt               2 1858 Ohio 

Clara Bobbitt            3/12 1860 Ohio

Thomas Bobbitt married Malinda Lieurance on March 18, 1848 in Clinton County. Malinda died and Thomas married secondly Tacy McAlister on August 13, 1864 in Clinton County.

Mildred Dalton Bobbitt maintained her own home until the time of her death on September 13, 1884 and was buried beside her husband in Clinton County.

Daughter Mildred Bobbitt married Vincent H. Brum field in Pittsylvania County on January 25, 1855. William Bobbitt married Sarah Catharine Dalton on January 20, 1862. William served in the Confederate army, took sick and died in Richmond Virginia on July 17,1862. They had one son, named William B. Bobbitt who died shortly after birth. Lucy Bobbitt never married. Anna Bobbitt married Alpheus Quigley in Clinton County, Ohio. Charles died in service.

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