The Bobbitt Family In America

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The 1850 census of Chatham County and Moore County in North Carolina gives the best picture of the family.

Chatham County, Family # 448, counted August 9, 1850.

Thomas Bobbitt             62 1788 North Carolina 

Lucy H. (Moss) Bobbitt      58 1792 North Carolina 

Thomas H. Bobbitt           22 1828 North Carolina 

Rebecca Bobbitt            18 1832 North Carolina 

Richard Bobbitt            16 1834 North Carolina 

James Bobbitt              14 1836 North Carolina 

Patsey Moss (sister-in-law) 53 1797 North Carolina

Moore County, Family # 598, counted October 20, 1850.

Farm of Thomas Wicker.

Haywood Bobbitt (farm helper)     25 1825 North Carolina

We know that Haywood Bobbitt was a son of Thomas Bobbitt and was apparently working on a farm near where the family used to live in Moore County. It is possible that the wife of Thomas Wicker was a Bobbitt and a daughter of Thomas Bobbitt.

Thomas Bobbitt reared a large family in Moore County. Rebecca apparently did not marry. Richard became a well known and skillful cabinet maker. James died in service of the Confederate army. Thomas Bobbitt senior lived to 1876 and died in Chatham County. Grandchildren of the family moved to Durham County and most settled in North Carolina.

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