The Bobbitt Family In America

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THOMAS E. BOBBITT       1822 - 1886      Son of Stephen and Elizabeth Bobbitt

Thomas Elliott Bobbitt was born in 1822 in Warren County, North Carolina. He was the last son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Bradley) Bobbitt. Thomas was named after James Elliott a close friend of the Stephen Bobbitt family. Although the records show that there were four sons born in this family, only two lived to maturity. John born in 1816 and Thomas born in 1822.

On February 3, 1842, Thomas Bobbitt married Elizabeth Walker in Williamson County, Tennessee. Shortly after their marriage the couple moved to Robertson County, Tennessee, where Thomas and his family were counted in the 1850 census on October 26, 1850.

Family # 1445

Thomas E. Bobbitt          28 (1822) Tennessee (error) 

Emily Elizabeth (Walker) 24 (1829) Virginia 

William H. Bobbitt            7 (1843) Tennessee 

Mary E. Bobbitt                3 (1847) Tennessee 

Nancy L. Bobbitt              1 (1849) Tennessee

Living near to Thomas Bobbitt was his double first cousin, James Bobbitt.

Family #1359, counted October 26, 1850

James Bobbitt                 24 (1826) Tennessee 

Saphronia Bobbitt           21 (1829) Not Stated 

Sarah (Bradley) Bobbitt  55 (1795) North Carolina 

Rebecca Bobbitt (sister)  19 (1831) Tennessee 

Leonard Bobbitt              1 (1849) Tennessee

Thomas Bobbitt had been taught how to make shoes by James Elliott. Sometime before 1860, Thomas and his family moved to Rusk County, Texas where he made shoes for the laborers laying railroad tracks through Texas. The family was counted in the 1860 census of Rusk County, Texas.

Family # 721, counted July 14, 1860.

Thomas E. Bobbitt             38 (1822) Tennessee (Shoemaker) 

Elizabeth (Walker) Bobbitt 38 (1822) Virginia 

Mary Bobbitt                    15 (1845) Tennessee 

Nancy L. Bobbitt              11 (1849) Tennessee 

Henry F. Bobbitt                6 (1854) Tennessee 

Louisiana Bobbitt               1 (1859) Texas

We do not know what happened to William H. Bobbitt if he lived to maturity. The other children married in Rusk County, Texas.

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