The Bobbitt Family In America

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HONORABLE THEODORE NEWTON BOBBITT   1843 - 1940   Son of Everett Hale and Mary Bobbitt

Theodore Newton Bobbitt was born on February 23, 1843 in a town named Bethel Illinois. The town has since been named Chapin, and is located in Morgan County, Illinois. Theodore was a son of Everett Hale Bobbitt and Mary (Newton) Bobbitt. He was a grandson of William James Bobbitt and a great grandson of Isham Bobbitt.

In 1889 Chapman Brothers published a history of Cass County Nebraska called "Portrait and Biography Album of Otoe and Cass Counties Nebraska". On page 1204 is a biography of Theodore Newton Bobbitt which was written from information given by Theodore and his son Charles E. Bobbitt.

"Honorable Theodore Newton Bobbitt, a resident of Tipton Precinct, deserves more than a passing mention, as he has been for a period of twenty years closely identified with the growth and prosperity of Cass County.

"He first arrived upon the soil of Nebraska in the fall of 1869 in company with his family, they having made the journey overland with teams from Mahaska County, Iowa. They crossed the Missouri at Plattsmouth on a steam ferry, and our subject, making his way to Tipton Precinct, homesteaded eighty acres of land, of which he still retains possession. Later he journeyed into Seward County, where he remained over the winter, in the meantime suffering two months from a disabled foot, but in the spring of 1870 moved with his young wife upon the present homestead. He had just completed a temporary shelter, hauling lumber for this purpose from Plattsmouth, and put up the structure with his own hands.

"In due time he added to his first purchase and has now a well-regulated farm of 160 acres with good buildings, a fair assortment of livestock, the requisite farm machinery and the general appurtenances of the modern country estate. Of late years Mr. Bobbitt has made a specialty of cattle and swine, and also keeps a number of good horses.

"While the cultivation of the soil has absorbed much of his time and attention, Mr. Bobbitt has in nowise neglected the culture of his mental capacities, and is a gentleman of rare intelligence and good education, refined and gentlemanly, one with whom it is pleasant and profitable to converse. He has for his life companion a lady his equal in every respect, intelligent and amiable in disposition, and one who has made home for her family the pleasantest spot on earth. Mrs. Bobbitt has been in delicate health for a number of years.

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