The Bobbitt Family In America

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by officiating as Superintendent of the Sunday-School and studying to make this important subject a matter of interest to the rising generations.

"The parents of Mrs. Bobbitt were of English and German descent, the father a native of Ohio, and the mother a native of Van Buren County, Iowa.

"To Mr. and Mrs. Bobbitt there have been born six children, namely: Charles E. Bobbitt, John F. Bobbitt, who died in infancy, Lewis E. Bobbitt, William M. Bobbitt, , George D. Bobbitt and an infant son who died unnamed. The eldest son, Charles is attending the academy at Weeping Water; the other children are at home with their parents. They are being carefully reared and will be given the education suitable to their station in life as the off spring of one of the leading citizens of Southern Nebraska."

The family of Theodore Newton and Amelia (Phillips) Bobbitt was:

Charles Everett Bobbitt       born Sep. 11, 1869

John Bobbitt                       born Jun. 2, 1871

Lewis Edgar Bobbitt           born Jun. 4, 1872 

William M. Bobbitt             born Oct. 24, 1875

George Douglas Bobbitt     born Oct. 31, 1878

Unnamed infant son           born Sep. 6, 1888


Charles Everett Bobbitt     married Ruby may Simmons Jun. 8, 1904

John Bobbitt single           died young Jul. 4, 1871

Lewis Edgar Bobbitt          married Winnie Foreman 

William M. Bobbitt            married Belle Burns 

George Douglas Bobbitt    married Orpha Rouse

In volumes five and seven of Nebraska History there are several articles written by Theodore Newton Bobbitt. In the fall of 1873, the Eagle Grange was formed in Cass County. T. N. Bobbitt was Master and Ed Post Secretary.

Theodore Newton Bobbitt died at the age of 96 and was the oldest living legislator and one of the oldest pioneers in Nebraska. He died on February 1, 1940 at the age of 96 years, 11 months, and 8 days. He was buried in the family cemetery in Alvo, Nebraska. Amelia Bobbitt died on December 31, 1911. After the death of Amelia, Theodore Bobbitt lived with his son, Charles E. Bobbitt in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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