The Bobbitt Family In America

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In 1870 Tilman Bobbitt and his sons Joseph, and William, and his daughters, Emily and Eliza were living in Pike County, Missouri. Eliza had married Thomas William Anderson in Springfield Illinois. James Tolliver and his wife Catherine were also living in Missouri. The families lived near a village called Louisiana, Missouri. George Bobbitt son of Tilman stayed in Springfield, Illinois. George Bobbitt son of Oregon Bobbitt had married Eunice Marsh and they had one daughter named Eunice. George and his family moved to North Platte, Nebraska where George worked for the Union Pacific railroad.

The last record we have of Emily Bobbitt was made during the census of 1870 in Pike County, Missouri. She was counted as attending school in the dwelling of Owen R. Witten and his wife Ealine. The census was taken on June 27, 1870 and counted as family # 438. Emily was listed as 15 years of age.

In the town of Curyville, Missouri, the 1870 census counted the family of Thomas W. Anderson on August 16, 1870.

Thomas W. Anderson       42 (1828) Illinois (Carpenter) 

Eliza (Bobbitt) Anderson   24 (1846) Virginia 

Susan Anderson                 4 (1868) Illinois

On May 17, 1870, the family of George Bobbitt, son of Oregon Bobbitt was counted as Family # 223, North Platte, Nebraska, Lincoln County.

George Bobbitt             25 (1845) Virginia (Blacksmith) 

Sophia (Marsh) Bobbitt 22 (1843) Michigan 

Eunice Bobbitt               2 (1868) Illinois

Susan Perry, daughter of Eliza Bobbitt and Thomas Anderson, had close association with her grandfather, Tilman Bobbitt. She wrote this account of the family of Tilman and Jane Bobbitt. "Son Joseph never married, James married Catherine Alderson, Mary married a McCoy and had four child William, Ella, Laura, and Joe. Lizzie married a Peterson mil married late in life to a Weimer and had no children. Willam ever married. George married Anna Marsh and had at least five children. Susan did not  marry as far as I know. Eliza married Thomas Anderson and had only one child, me, Susan. I had four children, Fannie, Fred, Ruby and Hazel."

Many people went from Virginia and North Carolina to Nebraska to work on the railroads. In Nebraska they lived in sod huts which were said to have been unattractive from the outside but very clean and comfortable on the inside. Many became farmers and despite what seems to us as a life of hardships were happy families. The records show that Tilman Bobbitt when at the age of 74 was looking for work as a laborer on the Union Pacific railroad.

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