The Bobbitt Family In America

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By 1850 Tilman and Jane Bobbitt were living in Greenbrier County. Greenbrier County was formed from Montgomery County in 1777. Monroe County was formed from Greenbrier County in 1799. The history of Monroe and Greenbrier counties are closely tied as the people of the two counties moved back and forth frequently.

By 1850 Tilman and his family was well established in Greenbrier County where Tilman was a successful farmer, owning land and several slaves. The farm was located near the village of Williamsburg. Living near by were many relatives of the Hill And Lively families. Oregon Bobbitt a brother of Tilman's also lived near by and the two families were close friends as well as relatives. Oregon Bobbitt's wife was Lucy Ann Hill, a first cousin once removed and a niece of Tilman Bobbitt's wife, Jane Hill.

John and Permelia Bobbitt lived near the families of Tilman and Oregon Bobbitt. We do not believe that John and Permelia owned any property in Greenbrier County, but that it was likely that they lived on land owned by Tilman Bobbitt. The 1850 census record of the three families is interesting. The families were counted in November 1850 in Greenbrier County

Family # 1412,

John Bobbitt                   65 (1785) Virginia 

Permelia (Hill) Bobbitt     64 (1876) Virginia 

Frances Bobbitt               25 (1825) Virginia 

Permelia Jane Bobbitt      20 (1830) Virginia 

James Hill Bobbitt            22 (1828) Virginia 

William Bobbitt (grandson)*  4 (1846) Virginia

*William Bobbitt was a son of Tilman Bobbitt. He was at the home of his grandparents when the census was taken.

Family # 1173,

Tilman Bobbitt            44 (1806) Virginia 

Jane (Hill) Bobbitt        37 (1813) Virginia 

Susan Bobbitt              19 (1831) Virginia 

Mary Jane Bobbitt        16 (1834) Virginia 

James Tolliver Bobbitt  14 (1836) Virginia 

George Bobbitt             11 (1839) Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt            9 (1841) Virginia 

Joseph Bobbitt               6 (1844) Virginia 

Eliza D. Bobbitt             3 (1847) Virginia 


Family # 408, 

Oregon Bobbitt                   33 (1817) Virginia 

Lucy Ann (Hill) Bobbitt       32 (1818) Virginia 

James Hill Bobbitt                6 (1844) Virginia 

George Washington Bobbitt  4 (1846) Virginia 

Napoleon Bobbitt                 2 (1848) Virginia

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