The Bobbitt Family In America

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The census record which was taken for Lincoln County, lists the Bobbitt families as not living very near to each other.

Family # 244, counted June 10, 1880.

George W. Bobbitt (fireman)          35 (1845) Virginia


Family # 322, counted June 12, 1880

James Bobbitt (blacksmith)            36 (1844) Virginia

Sophia (Marsh) Bobbitt                    34 (1846) Michigan 

Eunice Bobbitt                                 13 (1867) Illinois 

Albert Bobbitt                                    7 (1873) Nebraska 

James Bobbitt                                    1 (1879) Nebraska


Family # 352, counted June 14, 1880

Tilman Bobbitt             74 (1806) Virginia 

Joseph Bobbitt (son)     37 (1843) Virginia 

William Bobbitt (son)    25 (1855) Virginia


Family # 113, counted June 18, 1880

George Bobbitt                38 (1842) Virginia 

Annie (Marsh) Bobbitt     36 (1844) Michigan 

Tilman Bobbitt                13 (1867) Illinois 

Unice Bobbitt                  11 (1869) Illinois 

Felice Bobbitt                    7 (1873) Nebraska 

Albert Bobbitt                   5 (1875) Nebraska 

Annie Bobbitt                    3 (1877) Nebraska

James Tolliver Bobbitt and his family left Louisiana Missouri in 1877 and moved to Limestone County, Texas. We do not know what happened to Joseph, but do not believe that he married. William apparently returned to St. Louis Missouri, where he married and was listed there in the 1900 census.

In 1880 Eliza (Bobbitt) Anderson was living in St. John Kansas.

In 1891 Tilman Bobbitt was 85 years of age. He traveled by train to Hill County Texas to visit his son, James Tolliver Bobbitt, and his grandchildren. It was near Christmas. After a lengthy visit with this portion of his family, he went to North Platte Nebraska and visited with his relatives there. During the late summer and fall of 1891 he returned to Monroe and Greenbrier counties, where he had grandchildren and many relatives. His brother Oregon Bobbitt was still living. Shortly after this visit he died in Chicago, Illinois on April 22, 1892 at the age of 86. His brother Oregon Bobbitt, died in Monroe County on February 18, 1893. Oregon Bobbitt had the death of Tilman Bobbitt recorded at the Monroe County, court house.

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