The Bobbitt Family In America

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Three brothers from England

There is a legend in the Bobbitt family that has been told from one generation to another in nearly all branches of the family.

"All members of the Bobbitt family descend from three brothers who sailed from Liverpool England to the Virginia Colony."

Like most legends that are told for a period of some three hundred years, there is some fact and some fiction. The fact that is interesting is that all members of the southern family do descend from three brothers. The three brothers were sons of a single emigrant who came to the Virginia Colony.

The three brothers were sons of William Bobbitt Senior.

William Bobbitt Junior   1675 - 1738

John Bobbitt of Chowan   1678 - 1736

James Bobbitt of Hanover 1680 - 1740

The sons and daughters of the three brothers would have been born between 1700 and 1720. William Bobbitt Senior died in 1703 and was not known by any of his grandsons. It is for this reason that he was lost in the family legend and the three brothers were remembered.

Our research and studies has compiled this list of the sons grandsons of William Bobbitt Senior. By 1715 there were ten Bobbitt males living in the Virginia Colony and an unknown number of daughters.

William Bobbitt Junior   1675 - 1738

     1. William Bobbitt III  1702 - 1778

     2. Lewis Bobbitt        1704 - 1769

     3. James Bobbitt        1707 - 1761


John Bobbitt of Chowan   1678 - 1736

     4. William Bobbitt      1704 - 1769

     5. Thomas Bobbitt       1712 - 1759


James Bobbitt           1680 - 1740

     6. Randolph Bobbitt     1708 - 1777

     7. William Bobbitt      1712 - 1775


William Bobbitt Senior was honored by his descendants. The name of "William" is the most common used name in the family from 1673 until the present day.

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