The Bobbitt Family In America

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THE BOBBITT FAMILY IN VIRGINIA RECORDS           Records from 1673 to 1800

John W. Bobbitt - 1973

For the past twenty years, Robert McDaniel Bobbitt, Allen Wade Mount, myself and many others have searched the early records of Virginia for every mention and clue of the Bobbitt name in every way it could possibly be spelled.

There are no records before October 27, 1673, the date of the land grant to William Bobbitt and his wife on their arrival in the Virginia colony. After this date there are periodic records that increase as the family members multiplied.

The records of Virginia have suffered from the ravages of wars, lack of feeling for history, and just plain neglect. Despite these calamities there are numerous records of our Bobbitt family and there are historic meanings in every recorded entry. Not all the details we would like, but enough to trace the paths of our ancestors to our present day families.

We think that it is interesting that the family did not branch out for more than one hundred thirty miles from the point of their settlement in the Virginia colony during the first one hundred twenty years of their presence in America. The family did not go farther north than Hanover County, or west farther than Pittsylvania County, or south farther than Sampson County, North Carolina.

What we find in many of the records of the state and county archives tends to substantiate the family legends that have been handed down from generation to generation.

The family was present for more than one hundred years before the Declaration of Independence. Many served in the war against the British and none have been found who were loyal to the English government once independence became the motivation of the day.

These records arranged in chronological order have been taken from the records found in county court houses, the Virginia State Library and Archives, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives of the United States Government. The records have been abstracted and condensed for the most noteworthy facts that pertain to our history and our presence in our new country.

Most of the records are documented in the text of our Bobbitt history as to the exact record, page, and source. For this purpose only the source is given, and occasionally the actual records.

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