The Bobbitt Family In America

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Oct. 27, 1673 Land grant to William Bobbitt of 96 acres due him by transportation of two persons into the Virginia colony. Book 8, page 481, Virginia State Archives.

1674 - Historically, King Charles II of England gave all of New England to his brother, the Duke of York.   In 1695 the Duke of York became King James II of England. 

1676 - Chowan river settlement in North Carolina near the Albemarle sound, now had a population of 3,000 people. This is the area that John Bobbitt, son of William settled in the early 1700's. 

1679 - Ann Bobbitt sailed from the port of Bristol England on the ship "Bristol Flactor". Ann arrived in the Virginia colony as an indentured servant, probably the sister of William Bobbitt. (From book, "Bristol and American 1654 to 1665, Genealogical Publishing Co.) 

1699 - Williamsburg Virginia was founded. Named for King William XXX and was the capitol of the colony for the next 80 years. William and his wife lived near this settlement in what is today Hopewell, Virginia.

Jun. 10, 1702 - William Bobbitt is taxed for 94 acres of land in Southwark Parish in Surry County, Virginia. List of tithables taken by William Browne. Deed book 1694 1709, pages 256-259.Jun.

May 12, 1703 - William Bobbitt Junior to John Peterson of Prince George County, Virginia, 95 acres of land from William Bobbitt by deed May 12, 1703, being land on which said Bobbitt then lived and was granted to William Bobbitt, father of said William Bobbitt by patent, October 27, 1673 and descended to said William Bobbitt as heir at law to his said father. (Price George County deed book 1713 - 1728.

Sep. 24, 1708 - Date set to meet at James Bobbitt's home in Saint Pauls Parish, Hanover County Virginia for the purpose of processioning of lands in the parish. Vestry book of Saint Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia.

Jun. 1, 1712 - Surveyed for William Bobbitt of Prince George County, a tract of land lying on the south side of Jones Hole Swamp in the county, 90 acres of land. Prince George County, Virginia survey records.

Dec. 6, 1718 - Surveyed for William Bobbitt of Prince George County, a tract of land lying on the left side of Rockey run in the county. 254 acres of land surveyed by Robert Bolling. Prince George County survey records.

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