A Branch Of The Bratcher Family

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Hello Keith - This is a picture I found that belonged to
my Grandmother Zula. I also have some letters and a
postcard sent to her from Corbett Bratcher, pictures of
Corbett and Nevada Bratcher Griffin (sister to Zula,
Dora, & Corbett). Also, I show a brother to these being
Oscar T. Bratcher (b.12/24/1878 d.4/1/1923). Would you
know if the T. stood for Thomas or Tom? I have pictures
of Tom Bratcher. Wondered if it is the same person.

I will send copies to Steve Nevitt.

Regards...Melissa Dickerson

Photo of Criller B. Schultz Bratcher at age 50

Criller's name has several different spellings on documents.  However, Charlotte McLane has a copy of Rosa's marriage certificate that has an overlay written by Criller and Criller signed her name as 'Criller'.  Therefore, we accept this spelling as being correct.



Dora E. Bratcher Byers Bryant sitting in middle.  There just has to be some other Bratchers in this photo.  The lady peeking through from the back row is Kate Byers.  The lady to the left of Dora is Mary Cassandra Byers Bobbitt.  The man next to Mary is Hubert Eugene Bobbitt... Mary's son.  The other five ladies are unknown and so is the auto in the background.

Update: August, 2002.  Email from Melissa Dickerson.  "Keith - The lady directly behind Dora is my grandmother, Zula Finis Bratcher Morris.  The lady at Dora's right is my Aunt Pauline Mae Morris Allen, Zula's first born of 10 children.  The girl in front of Pauline is my second cousin, Shirley Elizabeth Macon Thomas.  My mother, Zula's 8th child, Bernice Katherine Morris Bell, says the white haired lady behind Pauline is Aunt Cass, but cannot be sure about that. "

My grandmother Zula is in the picture with Dora (Aunt Dode), Mary Bobbitt, Kate Byers, and Hubert. - Melissa Dickerson

If I'm counting correctly, we still have one unidentified person in the back row, second from right, next to Hubert.

These three people are unknown even though we have their names.

This is Kenneth, Shirley, and Richard Bratcher.  The names are written on the back of the photo.  Location unknown but definitely not at Nonnell, Kentucky.  There was no electricity at Nonnell (see electric pole in background).

Dora E. Bratcher Byers Bryant (sitting, center) with two other unknown ladies.  I suspect the location to be Nonnell, Kentucky at Dora's daughter's house.  This would be the house of Mary Cassandra Byers Bobbitt.  I remember Dora at this age.  Everyone called her "Mammy".  I was probably 30 years old before I learned her name was Dora... this was, of course, after her death.

Update... August, 2002.  Email from Melissa Dickerson.  "Zula and Aunt Cass are also in the picture 'mammyandtwoothers' with Dora."

That would be Aunt Cass standing on the left and Zula standing on the right.  Make and model of auto is still unknown.

Update... August, 2002.  Email from Melissa Dickerson.  "The attached picture from your web site is of my grandparents Clarence Perry Morris and Zula Finis (Bratcher) Morris. The picture was made at my uncle's home in Nashville, TN.  How did you come by this picture? We are all so thrilled as no one has ever seen this picture. Later, Melissa Dickerson"


Update... August, 2002.  Email from Melissa Dickerson. "Hello Keith - Sorry it took so long to get back to you.
The folks in the reunion picture were from Ceralvo, Ky.,
Ohio County. My grandfather, Clarence Perry Morris,
delivered mail between Ceralvo and Rockport. He also
ran a ferry boat on the Green River. They moved to
Madison, TN because some of the sons and daughters went
to work for E.I. DuPont in Old Hickory."

Update... August, 2002.  Email from Melissa Dickerson.  "Keith - The family reunion photo is the Morris family. Clarence Perry Morris/Zula Finis Bratcher Morris. These are my grandparents on my mothers side. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My grandmother, Zula, is one of 12 Bratcher children born to Franklin E. and Corilla B. Bratcher (Edmoni F., Emily F., Eudora E., Eliza J., Nevada C., Oscar T., Zula Finis., Maude I., Rosiebell, Charline M., Vera C., Corbett C.)."  Please e-mail me if you would like the names of my aunts, uncles, and cousins at the reunion. I'd love to hear from you.....Melissa Dickerson"

Melissa, yes, we would like the names of all these folks.



These are letters from Corbett C. Bratcher to Zula F. Bratcher - 1950


Dora E. Bratcher Byers at age 40.  Information on back of original photo.  Location unknown.

When we look at the early heritage of the Byers family, we find two ladies from the Bratcher family.

"The lineage of this branch of the Byers family is as follows:

Daniel Byers (b. Abt. 1756 - d. Abt. 1818) and Margaret ___?___(b. Abt. 1760 - d. Abt. 1818)

James Byers (b. Abt. 1787 - d. Abt. 1875) and Margaret Bratcher (b. Abt. 1785 - d. bet 1830-1850 )

William Byers (b. Abt. 1822 - d. ) and Rhoda Lacefield (b. Abt. 1828 - d. )

William Byers (b. June 3, 1863 - d. Dec. 23, 1929) and Dora E. Bratcher (b. June 26, 1872 - d. May 11, 1956)"

It is unknown whether Margaret Bratcher is in the same family lineage as Dora E. Bratcher.

The 1900 Census puts Dora E. Bratcher Byers in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

The 1900 Census Of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

This is William, Jr.

                                                        Byres, William                JE-1863  36  m12  KY KY KY farmer

                                                                    Dora E.  wife      JA-1872  28  m12 KY KY KY 4c  4a

Information From The Kentucky Death Certificate Of Dora E. Bratcher Byers Bryant

Registration District No. 410

Primary Registration District No. 2145

File No. 116 56- 9111

Registrar's No. 297

Place Of Death:  Daviess County

City Of Death:  Owensboro

Hospital:  Kentucky Convalescent Home

Usual Residence:  Muhlenberg County

City or Town:  Drakesboro (Nonnell)

Name Of Deceased:  Dora Bryant

Date Of Death:  May 11, 1956

Sex:  Female

Color or Race:  White

Marital Status:  Widowed

Date Of Birth:  June 26, 1872

Age:  84

Usual Occupation:  Housewife

Usual Occupation:  Housewife

Birthplace:  Butler County, Kentucky

Father's Name:  Frank Bratcher

Mother's Maiden Name:  Criller Shultz    (first name barely readable on document)

Social Security Number:  None

Informant:  Woodrow Bryant  (this is Dora's son - a half brother to Mary Cassandra Byers Bobbitt)

Cause Of Death:  Unreadable on Document

Burial Date:  May 13, 1956

Name Of Cemetery:  Island (Methodist Church Cemetery)

Location:  Island, Kentucky (McLean County)

Funeral Director:  Tucker Funeral Home, Central City, Kentucky

Certified Copy Signed By:  Sandra J. Davies, State Registrar, March 30, 2001


The following information from Charlotte Schultz McLane

I remember Uncle Corbett when I was a child. He looked like The Col. of KFC. He was a portly man with snow white hair and would come to our house to see my grandmother. I am 64 yrs. old so it was a long time ago.

I am the g-g-grand daughter of Franklin Bratcher, thru Rosiebelle or Rosa Belle. I have a document signed by Criller where she gave her consent for Rosa to marry Clyde Kimbley, my g-grandfather. It also proves the spelling of her name, (Criller) which has been spelled various ways. I also have a copy of the Marriage Bond between her and Robert Decker. Nov. 11, 1909.

I would love to share what other information you have on Franklin and Criller. I made contact with another cousin who is a descendent of one of Franklins brothers. His name is Rodney Bratcher. I met him in Ky. last fall and toured the local cemeteries and took pictures of head stones.

The following photos sent in by Melissa Dickerson

Lillie Mae Bratcher at age 5 months.  This is the daughter of Corbett C. Bratcher and Nettie Mae Smith Bratcher and the mother of Steve Nevitt.

Nevada and son Raymond

Oscar Thomas Bratcher March 31, 1923    

Rosa and children

The pictures are great. The one of Rosa and her children. The oldest girl
with the bow in her hair is my grandmother, Edith Berry Kimbley b.
11-02-1900, #2 child is Raymond Elmore Kimbley b. 5-25-1905, #3 child is
Vonnie Marie Kimbley b. 12-21-1907, and the smallest is Aaron Robert Kimbley
b. 10-28-1910. For your records Rosa Belle married Clyde Elmore Kimbley
8-13-1898. She was born 3-21-1885 and died 4-19-1915.  - Charlotte McLane

Rosa Bratcher and  daughter

The second picture must be Rosa with Vonnie Marie. It does not look like my
grandmother, but could have been at an earlier age. I have seen this picture
before. I don't know if my mother had it or my grandmother. - Charlotte McLane.

Oscar Tomas Bratcher

Oscar Tomas Bratcher and ?

The following information from Steve Nevitt

Hello Keith,

I see a reference to Franklin Bratcher and Corilla Shultz in your Rootsweb
info. They were the parents of my grandfather, Corbett C. Bratcher. How
are you related to Franklin and Corilla? I have a fair amount of info on them.

Take care,
Steve Nevitt
Columbia, SC

Hello again,

It is Steve Nevitt from my home email address. Enclosed is a photo of my
grandfather Corbett C. Bratcher. He was Dora's brother. Do you know the
ancestors of Corilla Shultz? ..Franklin's ancestors? I can give you a fair
amount of info if you want it. I also can send you another photo of Corbett
if you wish.

I also have Franklin Bratcher's discharge paper from the Union Army near the
end of the Civil War. It has his train ticket to home stamped on the back.
I can try to scan it for you or snail mail a copy. Just let me know.

Take care,


This is another photo of Corbett. I was struck by the family resemblance
between Dora and Corbett in the family photo you had on line. I could not
access the second photo.

I will send some stuff to you soon. Like you, we have had family most of
the day, and it has been busy here.

Take care,
Steve Nevitt


Hi Keith,

I will try to get some stuff together for you soon. Enclosed is a photo of
Corbett with his wife Nettie (died within a few years after this photo was
taken of TB). The baby is my mom, Lillie Mae Bratcher.

Take care,

Hi Keith,

Thank you for sending the updated email info on the Bratcher family.
Enclosed is a photo of my mom, Lillie Mae Bratcher Nevitt during the 1940's.
I am not sure which son she is holding. It probably is James Russell
Nevitt, her first child who died at age four.

Corbett C. Bratcher married Nettie Mae Smith around 1915 in Owensboro,
Kentucky. Nettie died from tuberculosis soon after my mom was born.

According to the info I have, Franklin Bratcher was born about 1842,
probably in Kentucky. He married Carilla (have seen this spelled a number
of different ways) Shultz on December 17, 1867. Franklin died December 24,

Franklin Bratcher's father was Thomas Bratcher (1812-1894). His mother was
named Hannah Bryan (1813-1891).
 A number of researchers have been looking for the ancestors of
Thomas Bratcher and Hannah Bryan without success. Franklin was one of a
number of Bratcher brothers who fought for the Union in the Civil War.

Carilla Shultz was born about 1849, probably in Kentucky. She died May 31,
1921 in Rockport, Kentucky. From what I and other researchers can tell (do
not have concrete proof), Carilla's parents were Thias Shultz (abt
1805-????) and Mary A. Shepherd (abt 1814-????). Carilla remarried after
the death of Franklin Bratcher. I believe her second husband's surname was

The father of Thias Shultz was Mathias Shultz (1757-1834). If I remember
correctly, he was from Pa. and fought in the Revolutionary War. Again, I
would have to go back through my notes. The mother of Thias Shultz was
Didema Ogden.

The parents of Mary A. Shepherd were John Shepherd (abt 1790-abt 1862) and
Mary Anne Roden.

I hope this is of interest to you. I will try to send more info later.



Hi Keith,

I enjoyed the photos immensely. Did you get the latest photo from me of
Corbett with his wife and child?

What do you know about the origins of the name Cassandra in this family?
My grandfather's name was Corbett C. Bratcher. He would never talk about
what the "C" for his middle name stood for... My mother, his daughter,
told us that it was a girl's name and that he had been kidded a great deal
about it by his older sisters (hope I have this right). Mom thought it was
something like "corlander" from what she had heard...was not sure... Maybe
it was Cassandra?

Some trivia fyi... Corbett was a very colorful character...could tell you
some interesting stories.

Take care,
Steve Nevitt