John Allen Bruce, Sr.


Louis Dean Bruce



John Allen Bruce, Sr. born in 1821 in Lincoln County or Bedford County, TN.   His parents have yet to be found.  He was married two times. His first wife was Clarinda Van Hooser.  He had two daughters from this marriage -- Frances Bruce and Lucinda Bruce.

 Clarinda Van Hooser Bruce died.  John then married Louisa Jane Coats. Both marriages took place in Lincoln Co., TN and are indexed in a book. He and Louisa had the following children.

(1)     James Portter Bruce

(2)     Thomas Bruce

This is a picture of Thomas Bruce... lady is unknown at this time.

(3)     Richard Bruce

(4)     Mary Bruce

(5)     John Allen Bruce, Jr.

The man is this picture is John Allen Bruce, Jr., born 1865 died 1912.  He is my Great Great Grandfather. The boy in the photo is Lawrence Bruce, born 1888 died 1974.  He is my Great Grandfather.


John Allen Bruce, Sr. served in the Confederate Army with the 44th Tennessee Infantry out of Lincoln Co., TN. After the war he moved with his wife and a few of the kids (some were grown and stayed in Lincoln Co., TN) to Hopkins Co., KY.  I think some of the Bruce's in Hopkins County at the time were blood relation to him. John Allen Bruce, Sr. and Louisa died in or about 1888 and are buried in Concord Baptist Church Cemetery in White Plains, KY.  In the 1880 Kentucky census John Allen Bruce, Sr. listed his parents place of birth as Father, SC. Mother, NC.


I have been in contact with James Portter Bruce's family in Lincoln Co., TN. and with Thomas Bruce's family in Hopkins Co., KY.


I don't have a lot of info on any other of his kids other than my direct bloodline. John Allen Bruce, Jr. was born in 1865 in Lincoln Co., TN. He married Melissa Albin of Hopkins Co., KY. in a town called Sacramento. They had 5 kids.


The boy in the photo is my Great Grandfather Lawrence Bruce, born 1888 died 1974.  John Allen Bruce, Jr. died in 1912 while logging.  His wife Melissa died 1903.  Both are buried at Station Baptist Church in Sacramento, KY. 

My grandfather, Louis A. Bruce was born in 1919 and is still living.  

My father, Louis G. Bruce was born in 1946 and is still living.

Me, Louis D. Bruce was born in 1966 and is still living. 

My son, Louis C. Bruce was born in 1994 and is still living.


Your Bruce photos looked a lot like my early Bruce's.  Yes, you may post info and photos.  I would like to find the name of John Allen Bruce, Sr. father's name.