My Branch Of The Byers Family

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The lineage of this branch of the Byers family is as follows:


Daniel Byers (b. Abt. 1756 - d. Abt. 1818) and Margaret ___?___(b. Abt. 1760 - d. Abt. 1818)

James Byers (b. Abt. 1787 - d. Abt. 1875) and Margaret Bratcher (b. Abt. 1785 - d. bet 1830-1850 )

William Byers (b. Abt. 1822 - d. ) and Rhoda Lacefield (b. Abt. 1828 - d. )

William Byers (b. June 3, 1863 - d. Dec. 23, 1929) and Dora E. Bratcher (b. June 26, 1872 - d. May 11, 1956)


The death certificate of William Byers (who married Dora E. Bratcher) states that his father was William Byers born in Grayson County, Kentucky and his mother was Rhoda Lacefield born in 'Unknown'.  The ancestry of William (who married Rhoda Lacefield) is not as clear.  

As you read the census records below, you will notice names that are not spelled correctly and ages that don't exactly match.  However, the census folks probably did the best they could.


The 1850 Census Of Grayson County, Kentucky

Byers, William 28 M. Farmer, Value of Real Estate $100                                

                                               Rhoda 22 F.                    John 1 M.

                                              James 5 M.                      James 60 M. Farmer (father, must have been born in 1790)


The 1860 Census Of Grayson County, Kentucky

Why would the census taker list William as a Sr. when William, Jr. wasn't born until 1863?

                                                                   Byers, William, Sr.      35       Farmer

                                                                                Roda             30       Ind.

                                                                                James            15

                                                                                John              11

                                                                                Hannah          10

                                                                                Lewis             7

                                                                                Ransom          6

                                                                                Palestine         2


The 1870 Census Of Grayson County, Kentucky

James has left home.

                                                        Byers, Wm (35) & Rhoda (40)  William's age had to be 45

                                                                                 Jno (20)fl; Hannah (19)ah; Louis (17)fl; Ranson (15); Palestine (12);

                                                                                 Nancy J (9); Wm (7); Mary M (2)


The 1880 Census Of Grayson County, Kentucky

Hannah, Louis, and Palestine have left home.

                                                          Byers, William            55           Farmer            KY  KY  SC

                                                                     Roda              48 wife                           KY  KY  KY

                                                                     John               30 son     Farm Laborer  KY  KY  KY

                                                                     Ransum           23 son    Farm Laborer  KY  KY  KY

                                                                     Nancy J.          19 dau                           KY  KY  KY

                                                                     William             15 son   Farm Laborer  KY  KY  KY

                                                                     Mary M.           12 dau                          KY  KY  KY


The 1890 Census Of Grayson County, Kentucky



The 1900 Census Of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

This is William, Jr.

                                                        Byres, William                JE-1863  36  m12  KY KY KY farmer

                                                                    Dora E.  wife      JA-1872  28  m12 KY KY KY 4c  4a

                                                                    Perry V. son       AP-1889 11 s        KY KY KY

                                                                    Mary C. dau       JA-1893  7 s         KY KY KY

                                                                    Nealy M.dau      SE-1896  4 s         KY KY KY

                                                                    Pearl       dau      SE-1899  9/12       KY KY KY

There are other daughters named Katherine and Dimple who haven't been born yet.


The 1910 Census Of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Dora has divorced William and moved somewhere with Baby Dimple b. 1907, Perry V. and Mary C. have left home.

                                                BYRES            William                        4-            d            KY KY KY

                                                                        Nealy            dau        14            s             KY KY KY

                                                                        Pearl              dau        10            s            KY KY KY

                                                                        Kate              dau        8              s            KY KY KY

As of The1910 Census, William and Dora have divorced.  The actual divorce date is unknown as of this writing (August 12, 2001).


Below is a picture of the William Byers and Dora E. Bratcher family. Read it clockwise - 12 o'clock, Perry V. - 3 o'clock, Mary Cassandra - 5 o'clock, Pearl - 6 o'clock, Baby Dimple - 7 o'clock, Kate - 9 o'clock, Nealy M. - 10 o'clock, Dora E. Bratcher Byers (Bryant). The center - William.  Baby Dimple's picture was added to the original picture at some later date by someone unknown (I think it was Nealy).  

This picture was sent (date unknown) to Mary Cassandra Byers Bobbitt (my grandmother) by Nealy.  This picture and others of the Bobbitt/Byers family were handed down to me after my father's death.  

Perry is the father of Vernon Byers Baggett, Evelyn Byers Lindsey, Lucy Byers, and Guy Byers. Mary is the mother of Hubert Eugene Bobbitt, Leyburn Kenneth Bobbitt, Chester Leon Bobbitt, and Reatha Alberta Bobbitt.  Kate is the mother of Dimple Howard Bloeman.  The children of Pearl, Dimple, and Nealy are unknown as of this writing (July 30, 2001).

Dora divorced William and married a man named William Bryant. Woodrow Bryant is their son. 'Woody' is a half brother to the children in this picture.

The source of information about this picture is Vernon Byers Baggett and Evelyn Byers Lindsey.


Information From The Death Certificate Of William Byers

County:  Muhlenberg, Kentucky

Registration District No.  1093

File No. 19

Registered No. 965

Full Name:  William Byers

Sex:  Male

Color or Race:  White

Marital Status:  Married

Name of Wife At Death:  Ethyl (Lott) Byers

Date Of Birth:  June 3, 1863

Age:  66 years, 6 months, 20 days

Occupation:  Farmer

Birthplace:  Grayson County, Kentucky

Name Of Father:  William Byers

Birthplace Of Father:  Grayson County, Kentucky

Maiden Name Of Mother:  Rhoda Lacefield

Birthplace Of Mother:  Unknown

Informant:  Perry Byers

Address Of Informant:  Bevier, Kentucky

Filed:  Writing Is Unreadable On Document

Date Of Death:  December 23, 1929

Cause Of Death:  Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Place Of Burial:  Union Cemetery  (Methodist Cemetery, Island, Kentucky)

Date Of Burial:  December 24, 1929

Undertaker:  J.P. Hughart and Son

Address:  Island, Kentucky (McLean County)

Certified Copy Signed By:  Sandra J. Davies, State Registrar, March 30, 2001


Information From The Death Certificate Of Dora Bryant

Registration District No. 410

Primary Registration District No. 2145

File No. 116 56- 9111

Registrar's No. 297

Place Of Death:  Daviess County

City Of Death:  Owensboro

Hospital:  Kentucky Convalescent Home

Usual Residence:  Muhlenberg County

City or Town:  Drakesboro (Nonnell)

Name Of Deceased:  Dora Bryant

Date Of Death:  May 11, 1956

Sex:  Female

Color or Race:  White

Marital Status:  Widowed

Date Of Birth:  June 26, 1872

Age:  84

Usual Occupation:  Housewife

Birthplace:  Butler County, Kentucky

Father's Name:  Frank Bratcher

Mother's Maiden Name:  Criller Shultz    (first name barely readable)

Social Security Number:  None

Informant:  Woodrow Bryant

Cause Of Death:  Unreadable on Document

Burial Date:  May 13, 1956

Name Of Cemetery:  Island (Methodist Church Cemetery)

Location:  Island, Kentucky (McLean County)

Funeral Director:  Tucker Funeral Home, Central City, Kentucky

Certified Copy Signed By:  Sandra J. Davies, State Registrar, March 30, 2001


The following picture is that of Lucy Byers.  Lucy was a daughter of Perry Byers.  Lucy's brother was Guy Byers.  Her sisters were Vernon Byers Bagett and Evelyn Byers Lindsey.


This is Evelyn Byers and Uncle Hobert Mayse and Little Vernon Byers


This is Evelyn Byers.  Grown up, some.


This is Marcus and Evelyn Byers Lindsey


This is Evelyn Byers Lindsey (School Board Member)


And, of course, Elk Valley School

Sorry the picture is so big, but I wanted you to be able to see my mom... Hazel Bruce in the second row, fourth from right.... and my aunt Audie Bruce in the first row.... fourth from left.... and Vernon Byers in the fourth row... third from left... and, of course, Mrs. Evelyn Byers Lindsey in the fourth row... first on left.


The following picture is that of Katherine 'Kate' Byers.  According to their marriage certificate, Kate married Guy Howard on November 12, 1919, county of Muhlenberg, Kentucky.  She was 18 years of age when she married.  Kate's place of birth is listed as Ohio County, Kentucky and her place of residence is listed as Bevier, Kentucky.  Present at the marriage were W.O. Strader and her brother Perry 'Bubber' Byers.


The following picture is that of Dimple Mae Howard... Kate's daughter.  This picture was taken July 9, 1947.  The location is unknown.

The End.... for now.