Marvin P. Beatty


Marvin P. Beatty's Bobbitt Genealogy Chart Created With Ancestral Author (.PDF Format)

George W. Bobbitt (1868 - 1946), - Paoli to New Albany, Indiana - Stage Coach Driver 1912

Grandfather of Marvin's wife, Billie Blackford Beatty


Family of John Bobbitt - Early 1900's

Brother of Henry Bobbitt, Keith Bobbitt's Great Grandfather


Marvin P. Beatty's Homepage About Orange County, Indiana People Including The Beatty Family

Marvin is a great writer with a very unique writing style.  His descriptions make you feel as though you are physically present.  His use of words puts your mind in the time period.  Examples of his work can be found on his homepage.

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Marvin gave the Bobbitt family the best genealogy information and photos available from Orange County Indiana.  He sent me an old Bible that was used by the brother of my great grandfather Henry Bobbitt.  Reverend John H. Bobbitt, Jr. performed many marriages in Orange and surrounding counties.   There was no information written in the Bible but it feels good to hold it and think about what once was in Orange County. 

From the family... Nashville, Tennessee

Marvin Beatty passed away Dec. 21, 2004

The bladder cancer was much more serious than we first knew. It was terminal and untreatable. He entered the hospital Oct. 18, then went to a center for physical rehabilitation, re-entered the hospital, tried rehab again, and returned to the hospital. Each rehab attempt resulted in another attack of internal bleeding, renal failure, etc.

My dad decided to end this thing quickly. He told me he was tired of fighting the illness, that he'd had a good life, and he only wanted to join Mama.

On Monday, Dec. 13, he was transported to a hospice. No measures were taken to prolong his life -- only medicine was given to end the pain. I was holding his hand when he passed away. He did not suffer, and he was at peace.

Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28, at Pinnick Funeral Home in French Lick. The funeral follows on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

Jim, Greg, Mike, and I were not just lucky to have the parents we did -- we were blessed. We can only try to make our lives as meaningful as theirs.

May the circle be unbroken,

Mary Beatty


Marvin P. Beatty... we'll miss him.

Marvin and Billie Blackford Beatty

Rest In Peace