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Max Lincoln Bobbitt

"It is doubtful there will ever be a consensus of all Bobbitt Family information.  As you well know some things can or will never be proven, too much has been lost in time.  But by using common sense, much of what has been lost could be stated as 'not capable of being improved'.  For the sake of standardizing and putting together the best information possible, I think we all could agree that 'such and such' information lost in time will be agreed upon and used as the best information we have in our family history." -- Max Lincoln Bobbitt


The following information is a culmination of 40+ years work by Max Lincoln Bobbitt

Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Genealogy Report Updated September, 2003

Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Direct Line Genealogy Report


Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Picture Album

Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Mother's Chart

Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Wife's Chart Long Version

Max Lincoln Bobbitt's Wife's Chart Short Version


Wanda Marie CombsMax Lincoln Bobbitt

Trip to Hawaii in 1984

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