Max Lincoln Bobbitt Picture Album


Three years old on my new red trike in New Vienna, Ohio.  My two older brothers rode it down a hill and broke it.


My 1949 graduation picture, 19 years old.  Graduated from Ross Twp. High School, Greene County, Ohio.


The best thing that ever happened to me - my wife Wanda Marie Combs from Hazard, Kentucky.  This year 2002, made it 47 years together.  This picture was taken in 1984 in Hawaii.  We were there for three weeks on our second trip to the Islands.  We have been to 49 states and have visited Canada many times.  We honeymooned at Niagara Falls and New York City.  We have been back to the Falls 8 times, to Las Vegas 12 times, the Grand Canyon 5 times, and we have spent 3 weeks a year in Bradenton, Florida for 11 years in the summer when I was working at N.C.R. Company in Dayton, Ohio.  Then I spent 24 years teaching school in the Greene County Vocational School as an Electrical Wiring Instructor - by far it was the best job in the world.




The End... for now.