Andrew Jackson May and Nancy Caroline Bobbitt May

May Family Genealogy by Lori Lee May Pierce

Location:  unknown

People identified in handwritten paper.  Photo is large.  Use scroll arrows on your browser to scan up/down, left/right.

By Lori Lee May.  My 2nd great Grand father died in 1899.  So this must be a year if that before he died.  If the picture is the year 1899 my grandfather would be 17 years old and my great grand father would be 43 years old.


From left to right (relation to me) 

1.  Robert May     2. James May (2nd Great Grandfather)     3. Francis Alexander May (Grandfather)    

4. Eliza (May) Trinkle (standing)     5. Nancy Caroline (Bobbitt) May (Great Grandmother) (sitting)    

6. Carrie (May) Kay (on lap)     7. Andrew Jackson May (Great Grandfather) who my father is named    after.  For short he went by A.J.    

8. Kate (May) Rutherford     9. Fred May     10. William May     11. Andrew May