May Genealogy




The connection between the May family and the Bobbitt family.


Information received from Lori Lee May Pierce

Daughters Of The American Revolution Applicant


The May  Family

1st Generation -- Lori Lee May Pierce and Charles Dale Pierce And A Photo

2nd Generation - "A" "J" and Shirley And The Tombstone Providence Cemetery

3rd Generation - Francis and Roma And The Tombstones Providence Cemetery And A Photo

4th Generation - Andrew and Nancy And The Tombstones Providence Cemetery And A Photo

5th Generation - James and Hannah And The Tombstones Providence Cemetery

6th Generation - Francis and Mary And The Tombstones  Walton Cemetery

7th Generation - William and Betty  Soldier of The American Revolution


Lori Lee May Pierce's     Outline Tree    Genealogy Report    Photos

Providence Cemetery At Washington County, Indiana And Tombstones