Milliff Family Photos

The Milliff and Bobbitt families were joined on January 8, 1898 in Bremen, Kentucky.  Rosella Bobbitt, a daughter to Henry Bobbitt and Abbie Vandiver, and a sister to Roy L. Bobbitt, Virgil F. Bobbitt, John Arthur Bobbitt, Logan H. Bobbitt, Rissie Bobbitt, Lilly Bobbitt, and Bessie W. Bobbitt, married Michael Angelo Milliff,  son of Michael Milliff and Nancy Vandiver.

This is a picture of Rosella Elizabeth Bobbitt




Here is a picture of Rosella E. Bobbitt and her husband Michael Angelo Milliff.  An email from Karen Milliff...the photo of Mike Milliff and Rosella Bobbitt Milliff was taken in Texas (either Trinity or Crockett, we're not sure).   Rosella died about a year after that photo was taken.  She's buried in Crockett, TX




Copy of the Marriage Bond - Side 1




Marriage Bond - Side 2

Mike and Rosella had five children.  One of the children was named Lawrence.


The others were named Nina, Mike, Vernon, and John


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