Our Bobbitt Family

Genealogical and Historical Record Of The Southern Branch

With the Beck, Elliott, Goodloe, Hurd, Noel, Robinson, and Bobbitt Families and Allied Lines


Allen Wade Mount, Sr.

Prairie Village, Kansas

Printed Version 1972

Online Version April, 2003

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Beck, Elliott, Goodloe and Hurd



Family Name and Origin, William Bobbitt 1645, William Bobbitt, Jr. 1675, James Bobbitt



Amey Bobbitt, Ann Bobbitt, Betsy Bobbitt, Dinah Bobbitt, Elizabeth Bobbitt, Florina Everits Bobbitt, Frances Bobbitt, Frances Mitchell Bobbitt, Green Branch Bobbitt, James Bobbitt, James Edward Bobbitt, Lewis Bobbitt, William Bobbitt, Robert Wynne,


Lewis Bobbitt 1704, John Richard Bobbitt 1725, Lewis Bobbitt 1735



Nina Anderson, John Archer, Donna Bess Bailey, J. Russell Bailey, James Russell, Bailey, Jr., Hester Banen, Alges Ertley Bobbitt, Amey Bobbitt, Allen Bobbitt, Amy Bobbitt, Anthony Bobbitt, Arthur Bobbitt, Carrie Lee Bobbitt, Charles E. Bobbitt, David F. Bobbitt, Drury Bobbitt, Drury Richard Bobbitt, Eliza Bobbitt, Emsley C. Bobbitt, Emsley Hervest Bobbitt, Emsley William Bobbitt, Ethel Luro Bobbitt, Eva Hester Bobbitt, Everett H. Bobbitt, Fanny Bobbitt, George D. Bobbitt, Hardgrove Bobbitt, Harris Bobbitt, Harvey William Bobbitt, Ida Lucetti Bobbitt, Isham Bobbitt, Isham D. Bobbitt, James Bobbitt, James Arthur Bobbitt, John Bobbitt, John G. Bobbitt, John Harvey Bobbitt, John P. Bobbitt, John R. Bobbitt, Rohn Richard Bobbitt, John W. Bobbitt, John William Bobbitt, Lewis Bobbitt, Miles Bobbitt, William Bobbitt, William Bobbitt, Jr., Spell Campbell, Hilleary Capps, Robert Jefferson Coker, Amy Shearin, Joseph Shearin,


James Bobbitt 1782, Miles Bobbitt 1792, John William Bobbitt 1820



Henry Robert Aikin, Robert Aikin, Henry M.L. Barton,  Allien Bobbitt, Alpheus Bobbitt, Annie Eliza Bobbitt, Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt, Clara Morton Bobbitt, Dorothy Bobbitt, Ed Bobbitt, Edgar Miles Bobbitt, Eliza A. Bobbitt, Eliza Rebecca Bobbitt, Elizabeth Ann Bobbitt, Elizabeth Burwell Bobbitt, Emily Calvert Bobbitt, Emma Lee Bobbitt, Eugene Carlos Bobbitt, Frances Mary Bobbitt, Francis Jane Bobbitt, Garland Ashland Bobbitt, Henry Bobbitt, James Bobbitt, James Miles Short Bobbitt, James Oswald Bobbitt, James Robert Bobbitt, Joseph Rosser Bobbitt, Joseph Rosser Bobbitt, Jr., Joseph Rosser Bobbitt III, Julia Ann Bobbitt, Julian Daniel Bobbitt, Julian Daniel Bobbitt, Jr., Lewis Bobbitt, Miles Bobbitt, Gus Calhoun, Guy Calhoun, Joe Calhoun, John Sledge, Julia Ann Sledge, Martha Rosser Sledge, Mary Christian Sledge, William Powell Sledge,



James Bobbitt 1822, Benjamin Franklin Bobbitt 1828, James Robert Bobbitt 1848, Ina Bobbitt 1881



Anita Darwin Ayres, Charles Ray Baird, William Thomas Barkley, Joyce Ann Beckton, Nancy Ramsey Berry, Tennesse Berry, Clarence Biggs, Harry Biggs, Lamar Biggs, Os L. Biggs, Wilfred Bond, Mary Josephine Brinkerhoff, Annie Elizabeth Bobbitt, Eliza Rebecca Bobbitt, Emma Susanne Bobbitt, Eula Lee Bobbitt, Ina Bobbitt, James Bobbitt, James Miles Bobbitt, Lela Lillian Bobbitt, Wilfred Bond, Mary Josephine Brinkerhoff, Helen Church, Carol Annelle Noel, David Bobbitt Noel, David Bobbitt Noel, Jr., Edmund Orr Noel, Ina Bobbitt Noel, James Latane Noel, James Latane Noel, Jr., James Latane Noel III, Nancy Noel, Richard Horace Noel, Robert Cornelius Noel, William David Noel, Annie Dale Robinson, Dixie Elain Robinson, Eloise Robinson, Floyd Bennett Robinson, George Bobbitt Robinson, George Bobbitt Robinson, Jr., Louise Robinson, Lucian Davidson Robinson,  Luther LeRoy Robinson, Luther LeRoy Robinson, Jr., Luther LeRoy Robinson III, Mary Robinson, Mildred Robinson,  William Bennett Robinson, 


William James Bobbitt 1854, Ninn Louella Bobbitt 1874



Alfred Henry Berry, Charles Campbell Berry, Charley Mack Berry, Ela Stephenson Berry, Frances Lucile Berry, James Alfred Berry, James L. Berry, John Campbell Berry, Lena Belle Berry, Martha Louise Berry, Mary Elizabeth Berry, Mary Kathryn Berry, Nancy Hazel Berry, Sallie Ines Berry, Will Ella BerryAlfred Benjamin Bobbitt, Guy Hale Bobbitt, James Bobbitt,  Lena Stephenson Bobbitt, James Ashley Byrd, James Ashley Byrd, Jr., Mary Sue Byrd, Mildred Stephenson Byrd, Effie Cleveland,



Allen Wade Mount, Sr. 1898, Elliott Beck Mount 1930, Allen Wade Mount, Jr. 1930, The Goodloe Family


Capt. Thomas Allen, Oliver S. Caldwell, James Bobbitt, Lena Stephenson Bobbitt, Oliver S. Caldwell,  Doris DeWolfe, Rev. James P. DeWolfe, Jr., Dr. Frank K. Edmundson, Aquilla Goodloe, Elizabeth Hallum Goodloe, Mrs. Elizabeth Quincy Gooldle, George Goodloe, John Goodloe, Henry Goodloe, Mary Goodloe, Priscilla Goodloe, Priscilla Johnson Goodloe, Rebecca Wright Boodloe, Robert Foodloe, Sarah Castle Goodloe Sym Bluford Goodloe



The Beck Family, Michael Beck 1779, George Beck 1805, George H. Beck 1834


Kate M. Bland, Sarah A. Bland, William Bland, Dick Conover, Frank B. Conover, Zoro Dick, John A. Dolley, Adeline Beck, Alicemay Beck, Beneville Beck, Benjamin Beck, Edward Beck, Elliott Shelley Beck, George Beck, George H. Beck, Hamilton Beck, Harry B. Beck, Hasel Beck, John Pence Beck, Kate Bland Beck, Kate Naomi Beck, Lydia A. Beck, Martha Beck, Martha Shelley Beck, Mary Beck, Mary Householder Beck, Michael Beck, Nancy Beck, Ray Beck, Susan Hahn Beck, Will Beck Willard Beck, William Beck, John Thomas Shannon, Joseph Shannon, Matilda Harpold Shannon, Richard Donaldson Shannon, Aletha Ellen Shelley, Benjamin Shelley, Franklin W. Shelley, George Washington Shelley, Jesse Shelley, Martha Ann Shelley, Mary Elizabeth Shelley, Nancy Jane Shelley, Sarah Strange Shelley, Willie W. Shelley, Wince Shelley,


Lydia A. Beck 1833, Captain James Elliott 1750, James Elliott, Jr. 1777, John H. Elliott 1807



Alexander G. Abell, Charles Tate Abell, Cordelia Goodwin Abell, Edward Abell, Joseph I. Abell, Joseph I. Abell, Jr. Samuel Jessie Abell, Anna Black Charles H. Black,  Edward Black, Edwin Black, George H. Black, Viala A. Black, Cordelia Blake, Lucy Ann Blake, George Butler, Nell Butler, Ada C. Elliott, Byron Kauffman Elliott, Byron Kosciusko Elliott, Caroline Elliott, Charlotte Helen Elliott, Flora Elliott, Genevieve Elliott, George B. Elliott, Capt. James Elliott, James Elliott, Jr., James Hervey Elliott, Jenny Elliott, Jeremiah Elliott, John Elliott, John H. Elliott Joseph Taylor Elliott, Julie Elliott, Margaret Elliott, Martha Jane Elliott, Mary Elliott, Mary E. Elliott, Mary Johnston Elliott, Mary R. Elliott, Rachel Elliott, Robert Taylor Elliott, Samuel Elliott, Sarah Hanna Elliott, Sewell Elliott, William Elliott, William F. Elliott, William Frederick Elliott, William J. Elliott, William Johnston Elliott



Charlotte Helen Elliott 1852, The Hurd Family


Dr. Charles W. Dunning, Cordelia H. Dunning, Francis Dunning, Lucius Dunning, George Heath, Mary T. Heath, Dr. Levi Herr,  Capt. Albert Hinman Hurd, Charlotte Elliott Hurd, Hinman Hurd, James A. Hurd, Mary Hurd, Nelle Tuttle Hurd



List of References and Sources


References and Sources





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