History of The Duplication of John W. Bobbitt's Original Book


There are 3 versions of John's book.

1.  The Online Version - Click Here To View

2.  The Hardbound Paper Version  - Sold Out!  Sorry.

3.  The CD Version - Sold Out!  Sorry.


This page has been written rather hastily on a daily basis and is not necessarily meant to be a part of our family history.  However, we hope you enjoy reading this history of the book.

Update September 15, 2003...  11:48 A.M.

Max Lincoln Bobbitt phoned Reverend John W. Bobbitt.  Max sent me an email.  I phoned John.  He already had a book packaged and ready to mail.  It's in today's mail and should arrive this week.

History of the book... It's an original book that had kerosene spilled on it.  The cover was ruined but the inner pages were not harmed.  Heirs sent the book back to John who removed the damaged cover and binding.  He drilled the pages to fit into a three-ring binder.  As it turns out, this is exactly what we need to reproduce it.

We will be attempting to reproduce John's book in printed form.  Our goal is to make an exact duplicate and distribute it at production prices.

Initial contact with commercial printers... long story short... I told them what we had and what we wanted.  They were nice.  Printing prices nowadays are extremely expensive.  It is just not feasible to have the book printed.  It costs thousands to print a book. 

Initial contact with commercial copiers... long story short... black and white pages will be copied in black and white... colored pages will be copied in color... pages will be bound in hardback cover.  We discussed prices for 25 copies and 50 copies.  The price is feasible.  One business will copy it and another business will put the hard binding and cover on it.

September 17, 2003

The book arrived today in very good condition.  It will be taken to the copiers tomorrow.  They may be able to run a few pages to peruse.  If not, we will set a date for next week.  

I want to again thank Judy Shubert for the work she did and L. Eldon Sowers for providing us the copy we used to put the book online.  Eldon produced several copies and made them available to the family.  Without their efforts, the book would not be online and available to everyone.  We all appreciate it.  Judy has one copy of Eldon's copies to donate to a library in Arizona.

September 19, 2003

Two sample copies of the book came back from the copiers today.  They really look good.  The pictures look exactly like those in the original book.  The census charts, etc. look good.  All 869 or so pages look good.

I took one of the samples to the bindery and picked out a hard cover.  It will be medium dark blue simulated leather with gold lettering.  It looks super sharp.

A decision needs to be made concerning price.  I know the cost  to duplicate the pages and the hard cover.  I don't have a clue yet concerning shipping and handling charges.

September 20, 2003

The original book that John sent did not have the title page.  We had already planned to change this particular page in the 'new' book.  The new title page will closely resemble the title page of the online version.  It seems to be an appropriate change to make.  There will be no other changes.

We have added (inserted toward the front) the new Coat of Arms the artist sent us several months ago.  It will cover a full page in color.  We also added 'Life In The 1800's' at the back of the book.  The last addition (the last page) is a 'Thank You' page.  All other 870 pages are exact duplicates of the original.

September 22, 2003

Ordered 51 books from the copiers.  When they are finished, they will be taken to the bindery.  When the bindery finishes them, they will be ready for sale.

September 24, 2003

Picked up 51 books at the copiers and took them to the bindery.  The lady said, "They should be finished in two weeks."   You will definitely want this book on your shelf.

September 26, 2003

Received a letter from John W. Bobbitt.  The letter is considered personal and will not be made public except for the following:

"I am totally retired and have dropped the 'Reverend' and you may if you wish do the same."

As soon as this letter was read, I called the company that is binding the book and asked if they would remove the word "Reverend" from the front cover.  They replied that they would.  The inner pages, the title page, etc. cannot be changed because they are already finished.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Certain changes were made (see above - Sept. 20) to distinguish the original book from the new one.  We want future generations to know there are two books... one original and this one.  We want them to know that family members continually work to perpetuate the family history and it may be a part of their legacy to do the same.  There will be many new additions to our family history and someone in the future will make the information available to all.  John purposely did not copyright his original version.  The new book is also not copyrighted.

Friday, October 3, 2003

The bindery called yesterday.  The book is bound.  They are now wrapping it in plastic bubble wrap and putting it into a mailing protective type envelop.  It should be ready next week.  I'm going to try to get one book today and scan the cover so you can see it.  It is a beautiful book.

Saturday, October 4, 2003

The paper version of John's book is now for sale.  Sold Out!  Sorry. 

Monday, October 13, 2003

The above history of the book is really an amazing story.  All the many different parts of the story had to fall in place successfully for this project to be accomplished.  If any part had not come true, the book would not have been produced. 


The End