Civil War Record of Abraham Land


Helen Marie Keusch


Civil War Record of Abraham Land (b. Mar 26,  1845-Jan 11, 1932)

md to Mary Ellen Grigsby--Aug. 15, 1865 in Gibson County, IN;  divorced in September of 1867 in White Co., IL.    (Mary was a sister to Robert Grigsby who married  Martha Ellen “Ellen” Land—sister to Abraham).   Bailey Harmon married Caroline Land, sister to Ellen and Abraham.    Bailey and Robert were mustered in together in Indianapolis together and mustered out together at Indianapolis—both in the IN60, Co B.    Abraham went in 6 mos later into the same regiment and company,  and was mustered out later in New York.


            md to Narcissa Crabtree—October 14, 1867 in Posey Co., IN

                      (1850-1916)-- 10 children, first born Apr, 1867--last born Sept 1894

            md to   Mary Olie “Olie” Brown—about 1918


            Abraham Land was born in Gibson County, approximately 1 1/2 miles east of Cynthiana (Posey Co.) on hwy. 68.    He enlisted in the Civil War  at the post office in Poseyville, and was mustered in at Indianapolis.   In his company was Bailey Harmon (a brother-in-law) and Robert Grigsby (a brother-in-law), Robert was also a brother to Mary--Abe’s future first wife (Mary Grigsby).    Robert had married Martha Ellen “Ellen” Land who was a sister to Abe in 1859.    Bailey had married Caroline Land in 1853, a sister of Abe and Martha Ellen.   After the war, Abe lived 1865-66 in Gibson Co. (IN), 1866-1910 in Carmi, IL (White Co) with the years 1870-1880 being spent farming in Cowley Co., KS.    During the years 1910-1932, Abe lived near Fairfield, IL (Wayne Co).   He applied for a pension in 1918 when he was 73 years old.  


Nov 5, 1862--enlisted in the 60th IN Infantry, Co., B at Poseyville, IN.   He was 17 1/2 yrs. old


Nov., 1862-Oct., 1863--he is reported present on muster rolls.   A report of the IN 60th is at the end of this record.  He did take part in the siege of Vicksburg, MS in July of             1863.   Assuming Nov was spent in training,  I don’t know what earlier             engagements he participated in from Dec (1862)-July (1863).


This information was on the IN60th plaque on the Indiana monument at the Vicksburg Military Park:


            1st Brig , 10th Div., 13th Corp,   60th IN infantry

            Colonel Richard Owen


            Guard at Perkins Landing;  Louisiana from April 28 to about

            May 28; engaged siege June 1-June 22; duty at Black River

            Bridge June 23-July 4, 1863.


Following the Vicksburg siege--  he probably participated in some engagements

with his unit.    They were in New Orleans, following Vicksburg, taking part in a victory parade.   


The 60th was part of the 13th corps as it and the 19th corp came up

            the Teche River from the south of Louisiana and was going to try to

            occupy Texas.    The Union leader couldn’t decide which direction for the

            army to take—so the invasion stalled in Louisiana.    They did see action

                        on Oct 15, 1863 in front of Chretien Point Plantation (outside Grand

                        Coteau, LA).    The union was marching towards the plantation house

                        where confederates were stationed in the front yard, front porches.   The

                        union out-numbered the rebels 2-1 and the rebels retreated.    The union

                        did ransack the plantation house taking most everything inside.    The

                        rebels retreated 10 miles up the road, the union divided its forces having

                        the 19th to go on back towards New Orleans, leaving the 13th as rear guard.

                        The 13th was camped about 7 miles up the road.  The rebels saw they

                        were equal in numbers, so the rebels attacked and won.    The entire 67th

                        was taken prisoner as well as about half of the 60th.    The other 3

                        regiments for the most part escaped.    This was on Nov 3, 1863 and

                        called the Battle of Bayou Bourbeau/Carrion Crow Creek  taking place

                        outside Grand Coteau, Louisiana.  


            (in Oct of 2004 I stayed in this plantation, now a Bed and Breakfast, and saw the

            field in front of the mansion (it was a cotton field, now has sugar cane growing in it)

            where the 19 and 13 corps marched toward the plantation.   I also saw the

            area where Abe was captured about 7 mi. up the road from the plantation)


Nov 3, 1863--his regiment saw action at the Battle of carrion Crow Creek, LA (Grand Coteau/Bayou Bourbeau  and was taken prisoner of war.


Jan-Feb.., 1864--he was in Camp Parole, New Orleans, LA.   He was released to the 67th      IN Infantry on Feb. 29.


Mar-Apr., 1964--he was on detached service at Lake End, LA, went AWOL (absent

Without official leave) on March  24,1864.  (I think at this point he went back into

the 60th IN as his invalid pension records state he was with the 60th when he was



May-June, 1864--he was present and awaiting trial for going AWOL.


July--Aug., 1964--present and he was docked 2 mos. pay for going AWOL.


Sept-Dec., 1864--present.


About October-Nov 1864,  (per Abraham’s invalid application) he was with the

65th  and was in Thibodeaux, LA (SW of New Orleans), helping haul wood for camp.   A log  fell on his back injuring him, he had to be moved back to camp in a wagon.    He was in the following hospitals—Marion Hospital (New Orleans—March, 1865),  Willets Point and David’s Island, (  June, 1865--New York harbor),.   He states he never performed any military service after the accident.   


Jan-Feb., 1865--present and transferred to the 26th IN Infantry, Co. I in Feb. (west  Mississippi).

 Mar-Apr., 1865--sick in New Orleans hospital.

 June, 1965--transferred to De Camp General Hospital in New York Harbor.

July 10-11, 1965--discharged by reason of disability at De Camp hospital in New York  Harbor.

 July 11, 1865--mustered out at Willet’s Point, New York

 Per his pension papers,  Abraham received $4.00 per month for his injury beginning after the war was over (1865) to 1883.    He had to then reapply—had to have witnesses testifying to his wounds/not being able to work well/doctors exams.    This reapplying went on until he died in 1932.   His pension would increase to $10.00; $18.00; $24.00, etc.   Each increase had to have medical examinations and personal testimonies.    About 10 yrs before he died, his third wife applied for assistance since he was almost bedfast.     His monthly pension was $100.00 a month the last year of his life.   



             Regiment reorganizing at Indianapolis to November, 1862.   Ordered to Memphis, TN, and duty there till December 20.   Sherman’s Yazoo Expedition, December 20, 1962, to January 3, 1863.  Expedition from Milliken’s Bend. LA, to Dallas Station and Delhi on December 25-26.   Chickasaw Bayou, December 26-28.  Chickasaw Bluff, December 29.   Expedition to Arkansas Post, AR., January 3-10, 1863.   Assault and capture of Fort Hindman,  Arkansas Post, January 10-11.   Moved to Young’s Point, LA, January 17.    Expedition to Greenville, MS, and Cypress Bend, AR, February 14-29.  Duty at Young’s Point and Milliken’s Bend till April.   Movement on Bruinsburg and taking Grand Gulf April 25-30.   Battle of Port Gibson, May 1.   Battle of Champion’s Hill, May 16.   Siege of Vicksburg, MS, May 18-July 4, 1863.   Assaults of Vicksburg May 19 and 22.   Advance on Jackson, MS, July 4-10.  Siege of Jackson, July 10-17.   Moved to New Orleans, LA, August 24.   Expedition to New and Amite Rivers September 24-29.   Western Louisiana “Teche” Campaign October 3-November 30.   Action at Grand Coteau (Carrion Crow Creek) November 3, 1863.


Complete History of the IN 60:


Organized at Evansville and Indianapolis, Ind., February 19 to March 21, 1862. Duty at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Ind., guarding prisoners February 22 to June 20, 1862. Left State for Louisville, Ky., June 20; thence moved to Munfordsville, Ky., and duty there till September. Attached to Garrison of Munfordsville, Ky., Dept. of the Ohio, to September, 1862. Reorganizing Indianapolis, Ind., to November, 1862. 1st Brigade, 10th Division, Right Wing 13th Army Corps (Old), Dept. of the Tennessee, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Sherman's Yazoo Expedition, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade, 10th Division, 13th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to August, 1863. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. District of LaFourche, Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1864. District of Southern Alabama, Dept. of the Gulf, to February, 1865. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, Reserve Corps, Military Division West Mississippi, February, 1865. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 13th Army Corps (New), Military Division West Mississippi, February, 1865.

SERVICE.--Siege of Munfordsville, Ky., September 14-17, 1862. Seven Companies captured September 17, paroled and ordered to Indianapolis, Ind. Three Companies which escaped capture being detached guarding Railroad Bridge over Rolling Fork, near Lebanon; also ordered to Indianapolis. Regiment reorganizing at Indianapolis to November. Ordered to Memphis, Tenn., and duty there till December 20. Sherman's Yazoo Expedition December 20, 1862, to January 3, 1863. Expedition from Milliken's Bend, La., to Dallas Station and Delhi December 25-26. Chickasaw Bayou December 26-28. Chickasaw Bluff December 29. Expedition to Arkansas Post, Ark., January 3-10, 1863. Assault and capture of Fort Hindman, Arkansas Post, January 10-11. Moved to Young's Point, La., January 17. Expedition to Greenville, Miss., and Cypress Bend, Ark., February 14-29. Duty at Young's Point and Milliken's Bend till April. Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30. Battle of Port Gibson May 1. Battle of Champion's Hill May 16. Siege of Vicksburg, Miss., May 18-July 4. Assaults on Vicksburg May 19 and 22. Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 4-10. Siege of Jackson July 10-17. Moved to New Orleans, La., August 24. Expedition to New and Amite Rivers September 24-29. Western Louisiana "Teche" Campaign October 3-November 30. Action at Grand Coteau November 3. Moved to Algiers December 13, thence to Texas December 18. Duty at Du Crow's Point and Pass Cavallo till March, 1864. Moved to Algiers, La., thence to Alexandria, La. Red River Campaign April 26-May 20. Retreat to Morganza May 13-20. Duty at Thibodeaux till November, and at Algiers till February 24, 1865. Veterans and Recruits transferred to 26th Indiana Infantry February 24. Regiment mustered out March 11, 1865.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 43 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 165 Enlisted men by disease. Total 213.