Lewis Land Date Change


Helen Zuber Keusch


Hi to all,
    I am working a bit more on my Lands (specifically 1867 Lewis W. Land) and after going over census records and dates the records were taken, and looking over two pension records filed by my g grandfather (Abe JR Land),  I sorta have reached the conclusion that Lewis was born in 1868, not 1867.    I have yet to find him and/or Mattie (his wife) in 1900.   They did have a son, Tillman, b. about that time, but he died very early.     Below are my notes:
Mattie's grandpa was Cooper Bennett Land, a half brother to Abraham JR Land--the father of Lewis.  Lewis and Mattie were half first cousins, once removed.  Of their 5 children, only 1 survived to adulthood.
Birthday descrepancies--  the birth dates of Abe and Narcissa's children was based upon a pension paper I have (paper filed Jan 2, 1915):
 Lewis W-- Apr 6, 1867; James M-- Nov 28, 1869; Ben N-- Nov 6, 1871; Willliam M-- Feb 26, 1874; Forest H-- Aug 26, 1876; Lula V00 Jan 1, 1880; Martha J (Jennie)-- Jan 5, 1884; Rose T.-- Mar 29, 1886; Amanda E.-- May 16, 1888;  Mary F-- Sept 24, 1895.   (Rose's correct birth year is 1885)
Another pension/disability paper I have (filed Jan 15, 1898)  gives the following birthdates for the children of Abe and Narcissa:
 Lewis W.--  Apr 6, 1868; Jas M-- Nov 28, 1869; Ben N-- Nov 6, 1871; Wm. M.--Feb 26, 1873; Forest H-- Aug 26, 1876; Lula V-- Jan 14, 1879; Jennie-- Jan 5, 1883; Rose T-- Mar 29, 1885; Amanda E.-- May 16, 1887; and Mary F.-- Sept 24, 1894.
 On both applications, Abe states he was not previously married (he was divorced from Mary Grigsby in Sept 1867 in White Co., IL-- he married Narcissa in Oct 1867 in Mt. Vernon, Posey Co., IN).   On the 1898 form an Esq. Campbell married them, on the 1915 from a Gamble married them.    Gamble and Campbell do sound alike so that could have been a transcription error.    A marriage date of Oct 13, 1867 is given on the 1915 form;  the marriage date is not asked for on the 1898 form.
The 1870 census (taken June 1870) has Lewis as 2-- (b. Apr 1868)
The 1880 census (taken June 1880) has Lewis as 12-- (b. Apr 1868)
I cannot find Lewis in 1900-- would love to find him.........
The 1910 census (taken Apr 13, 1910) has Lewis as 42 (b. Apr 1868)
The 1920 census (taken Jan 5, 1920) has Lewis as 52 (b. Apr 1867)
The 1930 census (taken Apr 14, 1930) has Lewis as 61 (b. Apr 1869).
I now think his correct birth year is probably 1868-- born 6 mos after his parents were married.    When I first had 1867 as the birth year, I was going by the 1915 pension-- I didn't have the 1898 pension at that time.    Frankly, I really don't know which date is correct, so I am recording his birthdate as bet. Apr 6, 1867-1868.   
Hope this helps-- and if anyone can locate the 1900 census of Lewis and Mattie,  tell me where it is.    I sorta think they just didn't bother to fill out one.    But I think they were probably in IL in Gallatin Co.in 1900 as their 1905 daughter was born in IL, and an unnamed son (age hard to make out) was b. in KS-- per the 1910 census of AR.    Per the notes of Forest Lee Bradley (deceased) of AR she stated that Lewis and family came to AR after the April 1909 tornado hit Brinkley.    They came down because Lewis had Crabtree relatives in the area.