The Zuber Family

This was the family of James Zuber's Grandparents. Picture taken in 1905.

Top Row - Left to Right - Forest H. Land, August 26, 1876 - William M. Land, February 26, 1874 - Ben N. Land, November 6, 1871 - James M. Land, November 28, 1869.

Middle Row - Left to Right - Amanda Land Singletary, May 16, 1888 - Rosa J. Land Zuber, March 27, 1886 - Maratha Jane Land Daniels, January 5, 1884 - Lula V. Land, January 1, 1880.

Bottom Row - Left to Right - Abraham Land, Mary J. Land Grey, September 24, 1895 - Narcessis Land, April 13, 1850.


Louis Zuber the father of James Zuber, the Grandfather to Helen and Mary Zuber,the Great Grandfather to Jeannie Marie Keusch Galbreath, Janet Lynn Keusch Austin, Elizabeth Ann Keusch, Lori Ann Bobbitt Young, and Brian Keith Bobbitt.


Rose Zuber the mother to James Zuber and Grandmother to Helen and Mary Zuber.


James Zuber the baby.


James Zuber married Katheryn Lee Eakins. Here are some pictures of Katheryn's family.

Katheryn Lee Eakins Grandparents

Harriet Minerva Eakins and Enoch George Eakins, the Grandparents to Katheryn Lee Eakins Zuber, the Great Grandparents to Helen Zuber Keusch and Mary Zuber Bobbitt, the Great Great Grandparents to Lori Ann Bobbitt Young, Brian Keith Bobbitt, Jeanne Marie Keusch Galbreath, Janet Lynn Keusch Austin, and Elizabeth Ann Keusch, the Great Great Great Grandparents to Katheryn Marie Galbreath, Sarah Elizabeth Galbreath, Hannah Lynn Austin, Emma Austin.


Katheryn Lee Eakins Parents

Enoch Marion Eakins at 34 years of age and Florence Handley Eakins, and Baby Enoch at 2 years.

Grandparents to Helen Marie Zuber Keusch and Mary Katheryn Zuber Bobbitt.



Katheryn Lee Eakins the baby.


The Bobbitt-Zuber Wedding

Left to Right - James Zuber, Katheryn Zuber, Mary Zuber Bobbitt, Keith Bobbitt, Hazel Bobbitt, and Kenneth Bobbitt. Marriage - December 9, 1967 - Neu Chapel, University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana campus.


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